Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a food allergy?

If you have food allergies, eating foods, even a tiny amount, can cause symptoms such as skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, and can even be life threatening if the allergy is severe enough. We want to ensure that the product you are allergic to, was in no way in contact with the product we serve. The best way to ensure this, is if you have any food allergy, you will only qualify for studies that do not involve tasting products. Since we are a food based company, there will be rare occasions in which we conduct a test that does not involve tasting products. So please be aware if you have food allergies, and you sign up to become a panelist, you will rarely be invited to our studies, if at all.

How many times do I have to visit to earn rewards?

Every time you come in for a taste test, you will get points added to your reward points account.  You can check your balance of points at any time on the web. The number of points will vary from test to test. You will only need to come in a few times in order to be eligible for rewards.  An explanation of the reward program is given in the reward section.

How long will the testing take?

When taste testing at Solae, you will enter the main floor, sign in with the lobby receptionist and be seated until your scheduled time to taste. Once you are guided to the taste test room, you will spend somewhere between 5-15 minutes tasting depending upon the complexity of the evaluation (number of samples or the number of questions asked). For this reason, some taste tests may take longer than the 15 minutes to complete.

How often will you contact me to test?

There is no set number of times for us to invite you for a taste test. It is based on many important factors that can play a role in the qualification process. This could include, but not limited to, age, gender, personal opinions and food likes and dislikes. You will receive e-mails informing you if there are taste tests posted on the website that you may qualify for. We send out e-mails until taste tests are filled. You can always log into to see if there are any taste tests you qualify for at any time. There are times that you might not see any taste tests. This could be that there are little or no taste tests going on at that time, or it could be that you may not qualify for the specific taste tests we are currently running at that time.

Will you provide my name to any company or service?

No, we do not sell or share your information. Your information is strictly for our business use only. Please read our Privacy Policyfor specifics.

What happens if I am unable to come in for a taste test?

Please go to the website to take your name off the list for that particular taste test. You may do this up until the day before the taste test. If you are unable to attend, and you cannot do it on the website, please call 314-659-3385 and leave a message. Be sure to leave your name and the time you were scheduled for. By giving us advance warning, it will allow us opportunity to fill your spot if you cannot make it in. If you miss your scheduled time and fail to inform us prior to your scheduled time more than 2 times within a 90 day period, you will be placed on a temporary "no show" suspension probation list. A typical "no show" suspension period is 30 days. You will be send an email letting you know that you have been suspended.
NOTE: If you are currently signed up for taste tests, and you get an e-mail stating that you have been suspended, you CAN still participate in those tests. You will just not see any new tests until your suspension is lifted.

What happens if I am running late for a taste test?

If you are running late to a taste test, please call 314-659-3385 and leave a message stating your name, the time you were scheduled for, and what time you think you will be in, if at all.

What happens if it is bad weather outside?

To see if we have cancelled the taste test you can call 314-659-3385 and a message will be on the phone system, or you could get e-mailed or called.

Is it really important that I show up and be on time?

It is so important to be here at your scheduled time, because we have limited seating capability (10 booths), and we schedule 10 people to participate every 15 minutes. If you are running late, it is possible that it will push back the next scheduled participants.

Can I call and be screened for a study over the phone?

No, all of the screening processes are done on the web site. We are not able to screen participants over the phone.

Where do I park?

Parking is available to you in our Visitor Parking lot, which is located on Boyle Street.

If the visitor lot is full, you have the option of parking on either side of Duncan Avenue.

If you work at one of the businesses that allows you access to the Redline Shuttle service, you can use this vehicle and have them drop you off in the Cortex parking lot, which is located directly across from Solae.

If I haven't tested for a while, does my name get taken off the list?

Your name does not get removed from our database unless you remove yourself or you request that your name be taken off the list. However, if we try to contact you numerous times and cannot reach you, or if your contact information is incorrect, we will take you out of the databsase. If you still wish to participate, all you have to do is sign back up on the website.