Frequently Asked

If you have food allergies, products you're allergic to can cause an adverse health effect and may even be life threatening. We want to ensure that the products you evaluate will not cause you any adverse health effects. The best way to ensure this is, if you have any allergies, you will only qualify for projects that do not involve ingestion or direct skin contact of products. Participants with allergies will be allowed to participate in Focus Group discussions and on-line surveys only.

Every time you participate in a project, you will get points added to your reward account.  You can check your balance of points at any time on the web. The number of points will vary from test to test. You will only need to come in a few times in order to be eligible for rewards.  An explanation of the reward program is given on the  Earning Rewards.

Evaluation times vary depending upon the complexity of the evaluation (number of samples or the number of questions asked). For this reason, some product tests may take longer to complete than others. When you sign up for an evaluation, the amount of expected participation time will be notes for that specific project.

There are many important factors that can play a role in the qualification process which determines how frequently you could be contacted to participate. This could include your purchasing habits, specific food preferences, and even your age and/or gender. We may ask you to complete a special pre-screening survey to determine what tests you will be best suited for. When you quality for a project, then you will receive an e-mail from informing you that there is a new project available. We send e-mails to our list of qualified participants until the projects are filled. Many times we also hold a waiting list of qualified participants for a study that has already been filled. You can always log in to to see if there are any projects you qualify for. There are times that you might not see any projects. This could be that there are little or no projects going on at that time, or it could be that you may not qualify for the specific projects we are currently running at that time.

No, we do not sell or share your information. Your information is strictly for our business use only. Our research clients will see your responses to survey questions, but your personal identity will always remain anonymous. We will never sell your information to any third parties or ask you to purchase something. Please read our Privacy Statement for specifics. If a project calls for sharing of any personal information, we will get your permission prior to sharing that information with third party vendors.

No worries! However, we do ask that you let us know so, that someone else can take advantage of the opportunity. Please go to the website and remove your name from the list for that particular project. You may do this up until the day before the project begins. If you are unable to attend, and you cannot access the website, please call 314-659-3385 and leave a message. Be sure to leave your name and scheduled time. By giving us advance warning, it will allow us opportunity to fill your spot.

If you miss your scheduled time and fail to inform us prior to your scheduled time more than 2 times within a 90-day period, you may be placed on a temporary "no show" suspension probation list. A typical "no show" suspension period is 30 days. You will be sent an email letting you know that you have been suspended.
NOTE: If you are currently signed up for projects, and then get an e-mail stating that you have been suspended, you CAN still participate in those projects. You will just not see any new projects until your suspension is lifted.

If you are running late to a project, please call 314-659-3385 and leave a message stating your name, the time you were scheduled for, and what time you think you will be in, if at all. We will try to reschedule you for another open session, if possible.

To see if we have cancelled the project you can call 314-659-3385 and there will be a message on our phone system. We might also email or call you to inform you of the cancellation. Your safety is most important to us.

It is so important to be here at your scheduled time, because we have limited seating capability. If you are running late, we will try our best to accommodate you. However, it may need to be at a later session time.

No, all of the screening processes are done on the web site. We are not able to screen participants over the phone. However, there may be specific projects in which we may need to call or email you.

Parking is available to you in our Visitor Parking lot, which is located on Boyle Avenue.
If the visitor lot is full, you have the option of parking on Boyle Avenue or Duncan Avenue. Street parking may be meter parking.
If you work at one of the Cortex businesses that allows you access to the Redline Shuttle service, you can use this vehicle and have them drop you off in the Cortex parking lot, which is located directly across from our building.
Please Note: We DO NOT pay or reimburse for parking or transportation cost or fees.

Your name does not get removed from our database unless you remove yourself or you request that your name be taken off the list. However, if we try to contact you numerous times and cannot reach you, or if your contact information is incorrect, we will take you out of the database. If there is no activity in your account for a significant amount of time, you may also be taken out of the database. If you still wish to participate, all you have to do is sign up again on the website or contact us.