Become a Solae Taste Tester!

Do you want food companies to offer more nutritious items? Do you want grocery stores to stock their shelves with healthier foods? Do you like gift cards to places like Starbucks, GAP, Red Lobster, Best Buy and Applebees, just to name a few?

Then join Solaes Taste Testing Team! You can help Solae bring more nutritious and great-tasting soy products to the marketplace and into your grocery stores by participating on a Solae Taste Test panel. The panels help our research and development and marketing teams determine the best food and beverage products for the marketplace.

Its easy. Just sign up to be a Taste Tester and you will receive updates on Solae taste testing panels. By participating in panels, you be will be eligible to redeem points for gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants. And, you will help with development of great-tasting foods across the world.

Thanks to these taste panels, Solae has been able to improve the taste and quality of soy-based products for consumers. Solaes taste panels have helped drive soy innovations in frozen desserts, vegetarian meals and even beef jerky.

Did You Know?

By becoming a Taste Tester you can earn Gift Cards!